Do you argue or fight a lot in your marriage?

Are you and your partner fighting or arguing a lot in your relationship? If you are, that's not uncommon. But don't give up yet, because there are definitely things you can do to stop fighting in your relationship. Here's something to look at that could easily be getting in the way without you even realizing...

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Don’t let Christmas create problems in your relationship

As we know, Christmas is supposed to be about joy, fun, laughter and celebration. But this time of the year can also lead to a lot of stress and pressure. Find out how to prevent this holiday season from creating problems in your relationship or marriage.

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How good are you at saying “sorry”?

If you're trying to get past an issue and you try to apologise, or say "sorry", and it isn't working... Don't worry, you're definitely not alone. Here are some reasons why your apologies might not be getting the results you want as a couple.

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Have you Just Been Dumped?

If you've just been dumped by your ex, you probably feel like the ground has been ripped out from under you! But before you react badly and do things you'll regret, here are some things you can do to help you get them back in your arms for good...

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How to Get Your Ex Back

If you've recently broken up or "been dumped"... that's awful! But don't lose heart quite yet, because there definitely ARE things you can do that can help you get back with your ex and save your relationship. Find out how...

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Dating is not a dirty word

If you're not currently dating, or if you find yourself trying to make excuses about meeting new people and going on a date, then find out how you can unlock yourself and feel excited about dating...

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