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Start Here…

Hi and welcome...

I'm Paul McNiff

How is your relationship right now? Are you: 

  • fighting a lot
  • struggling to communicate 
  • avoiding spending time together
  • feeling lots of resentment
  • struggling to get past an affair, or 
  • questioning whether your relationship even has a future?

If you’re struggling in your relationship (or your marriage) in any way, then believe me; all of that is about to change.

No matter how your relationship looks today, and no matter what you've already done to try to fix it... I want you to know that if you really want to, you CAN fix it. And if you let me, I’m going to show you how to make it great—once and for all!

Let’s turn your relationship around

If you want to stop fightingrebuild your connection with your partner, get past the resentment you might be feeling, and truly transform your relationship for the better, the very first step is to understand what’s REALLY been happening, that has been getting in the way and keeping your relationship stuck. And believe me; if you’re anything like the hundreds, if not thousands, of couples that I’ve worked with over the last few decades, this will probably surprise you! 

This is my three step action plan

Step 2: Learn Powerful Communication  Techniques To help you change your approach and Work As A Team

It's not just about how you communicate. This is a common misconception/myth about relationship issues. But that being said, unless you learn how to communicate in a way that helps you to work as a team, nothing will change. So this is an important step in the process of transforming your relationship for the better! But there's a catch here... many of the books about how to communicate to fix your relationship, actually reinforce the very things that are causing the problems... and therefore often make things even worse instead of better. I'm goign to show you why that's the case and how to master the art of communication, not just for your primary relationship, but for every relationship in your life. 

Step 3: Use My  Simple Yet Powerful Strategies To Change Your Approach And Transform Your Relationship

I am going to show you just how easy it is to get past resentment... and why I actually think of resentment as a Unicorn! Once you change your approach and use the easy-to-learn strategies and tools that I'm going to teach you, you'll be able to put the past in the past (where it belongs), once and for all... and completely transform your relationship ! And I say "you" on purpose, because you can actually use all of the techniques that I'll teach you to completely change your relationship single-handed, even if your partner doesn't want to work with you on it... or doesn't even want to admit that there are any problems. 

Are you ready to start?

Let's start with STEP ONE. Let's find out what's really been causing the issues between you and your partner. This very same thing is also probably making it incredibly hard for you and your partner to talk about the issues and get past them as well.

So how do you find out what this is? The easiest and best way to do this is to read the first few chapters of my book: “Solving the Marriage Conundrum” (for free) by clicking on the button below. So click the button below and let's get started...

These first few chapters will show you what’s really been getting in the way and keeping your relationship stuck. They’ll also show you the reasons why it's not your fault: some of your very best intentions around your relationship have completely backfired and created the very problems that you were hoping to avoid.

Plus not only will you get this really important information... but I'll also send you some great exercises,  bonuses, tools and tips to help you fix your relationship even faster! And don't worry... if you decide you don’t want them at any time, you can ‘unsubscribe’ easily... just with a click!

What Do Others Say About My work?

Check out what others say about how I work below...


Hi Paul, a long time and very close friend of mine made a comment on the weekend about how much of a change he had seen in me. I told him that therapy for me has been the most wonderful experiences of my life. I cannot articulate correctly how I am presently feeling. I asked him how can someone repay their therapist. He just said” Therapy is a beautiful thing and that you cannot repay something that is priceless. All I can say is “THANKYOU PAUL MCNIFF” you are indeed a special person.”

Matthew & sarah

"Hey Paul, Just a quick note to say a huge THANK YOU!!!

Sarah and I are sitting on the back verandah, ...talking about how much our relationship and subsequent lives have improved since seeing you!

...we can honestly say we haven’t been this happy in years; the transformation is massive!

Huge respect and feel free to use us a reference!"

kelly & Drew

“Hi Paul, Just wanted to say thanks for the session yesterday.

We always leave your place with renewed hope, some great tools and a touch of magic.

I did good when I manifested you!

Have a great day”