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About Paul McNiff

My name is Paul McNiff and I’m a Clinical Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach. I specialist in helping couples to resolve their issues, reconnect and create amazing relationships.

I have a Private Practice in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and I also work in corporate business training, coaching and helping organizational staff members to work through a range of personal and business challenges.

I’m passionate about growth and about supporting people in having the very best lives they can have…

I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience amazing relationships…

I love helping people and while I work a lot with clients throughout the world via Skype, Face-Time and the phone, unfortunately because of time limitations it can be hard to reach everyone personally.  That’s why I’ve set this site up…

I have written and will continue to write and publish articles to help people to build the skills and mindsets that will help them to create and maintain relationships where they feel nurtured, valued and safe.

There are also a lot of resources, such as books, dvd’s and e-books that are out there that are great ( and some that just aren’t )… I like to road-test as many as I can for my clients, so I thought I might as well rate these and make them available to a wider audience on the site. That’s what the stars are against the resources that I’ve put on the site.

I will be adding areas for other situations that you might find yourself in, but if there is a particular area of interest around relationships that you have, please feel free to send an email to me at:

I hope you enjoy the website. Here’s to your amazing relationships,

Relationship Help, Advice and Tips

Paul McNiff
Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach