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These chapters talk about some of the real reasons why most couples end up struggling at some point in time. Most people don’t really understand why couples end up struggling in these ways. So what you’re about to read will probably be very different to anything you’ve read before.

And even though the subtitle of my book talks specifically about “fighting”: “the Real reason why couples fight… and how to STOP!”, believe me; the approach that you’re about to learn is not just about helping couples who are fighting. It’s about any type of relationship struggle.

So no matter how your relationship might look and feel today—whether you’re fighting a lot, avoiding spending time together, feeling a lot of resentment towards your partner, or even if you’re questioning whether it’s even possible to fix your relationship—believe me; the approach you’re about to learn has the potential to help you get past all of that and make your relationship amazing—really!

So download the chapters, grab yourself a coffee, tea or water and discover the REAL reasons why you and your partner are struggling.

If you have any problems opening the PDF file download, or if you have any questions about it, contact me by visiting the following page on my site:

Here’s to you making your relationship great!

Paul McNiff
Psychotherapist & Relationship Coach

PS: I’ll check in with you soon to see how you went and to give you some great tools to help you start to change your relationship…

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