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Have you Just Been Dumped?

If you've just been dumped by your ex, you probably feel like the ground has been ripped out from under you! But before you react badly and do things you'll regret, here are some things you can do to help you get them back in your arms for good...

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Get My Ex Back

Have you been dumped? Or are you really struggling in a relationship which is on shaky ground and feels like it’s about to implode? Or maybe it’s all over and you’re feeling miserable and wishing like mad you could just “turn back time” and have a chance to start over again? What if you could really find a way to …

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Are you considering Divorce or Separation?

If you're starting to consider separation or divorce, then your relationship probably feels like it has no hope of working. But what if that's not really true? What if there IS hope, but you just don't really know how to turn things around?

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About Paul McNiff

My name is Paul McNiff and I’m a Clinical Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach. I specialist in helping couples to resolve their issues, reconnect and create amazing relationships.

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Save My Marriage

Are you looking to find a way to save your marriage?  Maybe you’ve already tried marriage counseling: working through relationship problems… but it hasn’t helped?

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