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Dating Help Tips

This is the area for you if you’re currently dating, or if you’re engaged to be married…

Many people have asked me why I would consider writing articles and researching and compiling resources for people who are dating or engaged. They said that people who are dating or engaged are typically in a blissful state and wouldn’t need any relationship help, advice or tips.

But while I agree with the blissful idea (and think that’s just great!) I don’t think it’s “all blissful”. In fact, when people tell me that it’s all great and that they have no arguments in their relationship at all, I get a little concerned… Because arguments are a natural part of the process of building any relationship. Now I’m not talking about rage or violence or extreme anger.

I believe that the process of dating and getting to know your “other half” is an important process which is like building the foundations of a house. Where your relationship goes, and how balanced, nurturing and supportive it becomes are largely based on the work that you do while you’re dating.

It’s also a challenging time, because when we’re dating, we want our boyfriend or girlfriend to like us and stay with us. We often find ourselves trying to be how we think they “want us to be”, rather than feeling free to be completely “real” with them at all times.

For some people it can feel like walking a tightrope.. We have to balance being fun, jovial and humorous with being honest about what we need and learning about who they “really” are.

So dating isn’t as “easy” as it might sound at first. I have a whole bunch of articles on my list to write for this area, based on many years of working directly with clients in my private practice. My intention is to help you learn the skills you need to build a balanced relationship and create strong, solid foundations that will see your relationship through for many decades to come.

Even if you’re asking yourself: “Should I break up with my boyfriend?“, I hope you enjoy the articles and resources that we’ve included below to help you wherever you are at…

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